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Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate, otherwise known as pebble finish, offers a flexible range of colours and textures making it suitable for both traditional and bold contempory projects.

Exposed aggregate involves exposing the top layer of aggregates to display the natural beauty of the stones. You can mix and match the stones and the concrete colour to get just the look you want for your project.


Stamped Slate Impression

This will give you a finish that looks like natural slate, offering texture and style for your driveway or outdoor area. Plus, being a concrete finish, you will enjoy the benefits of affordability and robustness.

Slate impression will offer your project a prestigous result that you will be proud of for many, many years to come.


Coloured Concrete

We can offer a full range of colours for your concreting project.

This will allow your individualise your project to integrate perfectly with your existing architecture.


Decorative Saw Cutting

Decorative saw cutting of concrete allows the creation of a modern paver or tile styled finish. This can be applied to plain, coloured or exposed aggregate for a premium finish.

This is a popular style as it offers the flexiblity of combining concrete finish with fully customisable decorating cutting. This offers a individual solution not available through regular tiles or pavers.